Why cycling?

This blog is born with two main aims that I want to blend in here. On the one hand, to show my love for cycling, and on the other hand,having always liked the world of communication, I really think it’s time to focus on writing in English and not only in Spanish, my mother tongue.
I can’t really remember the first time when I felt attracted by this sport. It has always been present in my life, as my parents practised it as amateurs when I was a child, and we always watched it on tv.
As I grew up, I learned more and more about races, cyclists and ways of riding, until it became a real passion. I can say nowadays that a lot of the referents I have in my life, such as Lance Armstrong or Carlos Sastre come from this sport, and so do the values of perseverance and effort that I have always beard in my mind.
To sum up, I would say that cycling has always been there while I evolved as a person, and that’s why it is so important to me.
In this blog, I would like to analyze cycling news, as well as to share my point of view about this sport and its environment.